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In '94, Vidar Hokstad first experienced Linux (Slackware). In '95, he co-founded his first company - an ISP - that ran off Linux servers and desktops.

Since then we've ported Linux to embedded network security devices; written graphical user interfaces for one of the first tablets, running Linux; run a webmail service on Linux; built a classified aggregations engine on it; built out large scale cloud services, and much more.

Over the years we've used Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora, CoreOS, SuSe and more.

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Articles tagged 'linux'

  By Vidar Hokstad 2016-06-23

Systemd has become the defacto new standard init for Linux-based systems. While not everyone has made the switch yet, pretty much all the major distros have made the decision to switch.

For most people this has not meant all that much yet, other than a lot of controversy. Systemd has built ...