Devops / Public or Private cloud / Hybrid cloud

Devops services we can offer

We can design your architecture to take into account devops principles from the start.

Just throwing things over the "wall" to operations have never been an option, as we've often been in the position of also being operations. Seeing development and operations as tightly integrated is deeply ingrained with us.

We build development and production systems that are designed to be automated and managed by integrated teams. (And we are happy to take on part of maintenance on a retainer basis if you wish).

We can advice on architecture, how to build your containers,vms, machines. How to handle data volumes etc., or we can do the whole work for you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Articles tagged 'index'

  By Vidar Hokstad 2016-06-30

In certain technology circles, whenever you mention MySQL, it gets torn to pieces because a long time ago most MySQL deployments used MyISAM tables; which did not have transactions.

And there were good reasons to criticise this in many cases. But a lot of the criticism was ideological rather than founded ...

  By Vidar Hokstad 2016-06-23

Systemd has become the defacto new standard init for Linux-based systems. While not everyone has made the switch yet, pretty much all the major distros have made the decision to switch.

For most people this has not meant all that much yet, other than a lot of controversy. Systemd has built ...

  By Vidar Hokstad 2016-05-12

The Challenge

How to route and (and so on) based on host name to any one of a set of backend servers, and have full flexibility in programmatically adding and removing backends at runtme?


An ongoing issue with containerisation is that so many applications are not written with ...