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More than 20 years of development and operations excellence at your service

Developing for a connected world is nothing like developing standalone applications. We learned that for the first time 20 years ago. Understanding the differences is important. In our experience many developers lacks experience of what it truly means to develop distributed, scalable, reliable platforms. Developers still often develop on a single machine, with a single-machine mindset, and see high availability scalability and reliability as an operational concern.

Then they have to deploy, and face the operational realities of dealing with hardware failures (even in the cloud!), software failures, network failures, and - if they are lucky - scalability. Costs skyrocket, or high risk sacrifices are made because sorting out these issues after the fact is far harder to designing for it from the outset.

We believe in developing for a distributed world, and have the experience to do so, or teach your team how.

20 years of experience

We have provided consulting services on and off since 1995, and have worked within development, architecture and devops ever since.

Scalability, Reliability

Actual experience building systems that have scaled rapidly to millions of users and multiple racks full of servers in multiple locations.

Cost Effective

You may not have the budget to set up a huge platform on day one. Our systems start out small, and will scale as you get the users and revenues to justify the investment.

What we can do for you

We design and build systems with thought given to failover and scalability and failure modes from the beginning. Clustered from day one. Cloud ready from day one, but still ready to deploy on "bare metal" too, so you can pick what makes sense for your needs (and change when circumstances change). The result is platforms you can grow with, from the first few users to millions. Platforms that last.

We can design systems for you, develop the architecture and/or specification. If you wish we can project manage it. We can get our hands dirty and deliver actual code and working setups. And we can offer ongoing operational assistance and/or training your developers and ops people. We can also offer mentoring for a for both technical skills and technical team/people management.