We understand the unique challenges for technical managers

Do you have a developer you want to promote into management, or a technical manager you want to promote to VP/Director/CTO level? Are you unsure of their management skills?

Technical teams face special challenges when it comes to nurturing teams and promoting from within, in that the focus tends to be on technical skills throughout, and most developers tend to be unprepared for the challenges of management when first called upon.

This often leads to technical managers that are ineffective managers yet have few options for learning management skills. It becomes the luck of the draw whether your new managers will perform.

At the same time many developers feel forced into seeking out these promotions because it is the only upwards career track in most smaller to mid-sized technical teams.

20 years of experience

With extensive management experience from a variety of organizations, we can help you prepare staff for promotion into managemen.

Cost Effective

Pay recruiter fees for low level staff instead of taking the time and cost required to hire and train high level technical staff. Providing mentoring for key staff costs peanuts compared to the alternative.

Ensure your people remain a resource

By creating a better approach to promoting technical staff from within, we help you retain key staff and strengthen retention of skill and company culture.

What we can do for you

We can mentor your staff in preparation for a possible promotion. We will work with your staff members, and learn how your teams work and help identify avenues for improvement. We will ensure that whenever you are ready to promote, your staff members are ready.

We can mentor your newly minted managers, VPs, directors to help them efficiently transition and ensure they perform as well as possible.

Providing mentoring like this improves team efficiency, and will be noticed as a valuable perk by your staff and will highlight your commitment to developing your team members and nurturing their careers, allowing you to focus on bringing in junior team members, where mistakes are far less costly and far easier to rectify.

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