A small selection of what we can offer

With the experience and expertise we have available it would be too much to list every service we can offer, so this page cover the most common requests and broad categories. If you have specific requests, please contact us


Identifying workflows that can be automated, and establishing the right tool chain can save you lots of money.


Let us plan and/or design and deploy your cloud environments, ranging from a handful of instances to hundreds across multiple countries.


Our preferred Linux distribution for cloud deployment. We can deploy CoreOS setups of any size.

Custom Development

Extensive expertise in Javascript, C, C++, Ruby, PHP, and other languages available (C#, Java, Objective-C etc) for your development needs

Deployment Pipelines

We will help your team automate deployment workflows to maximize productivity and minimize risk


Devops is a way of life for us. Just throwing things over the wall to operations have never been an option.

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We have deployed Docker in production for multiple clients to AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean as well as "private" clouds on bare metal.

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CoreOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora? We've done them all. Our first Linux experience? Slackware, back in the dark ages (1994)

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We have managed a number of teams over the years, and understand the unique challenges for new and experience technical managers alike.

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We use Nginx to host our own static pages, as well as deploy it as a front-facing proxy, load-balancer or cache for clients.

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Open Source

We can provide setup and support for a wide range of open source software, such as Apache, Postgres, Nginx, Haproxy, MySQL.

Operations / Sys. admin

We can manage your servers, AWS instancs or VPSs on a retainer basis, or provide ad. hoc setup and assistance


Maximize the skills of your developers by giving them the tools to understand the challenges of distributed, fault tolerant applications.


Anything not on this page?
Contact us and see if we can assist.