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We have worked with Docker pretty much since it was first launched, and have built production systems using Docker on everythin from Amazone EC2 and Google Cloud to dedicated managed servers as well as running on CoreOS on bare metal co-located servers.

As part of this work we have built hybrid systems spanning cloud providers, using various VPN solutions, and we have done transparent, zero-downtime migrations between providers.

We can advice on architecture, how to build your containers, how to handle data volumes etc., or we can do the whole work for you.

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Articles tagged 'index'

  By Vidar Hokstad 2016-05-12

The Challenge

How to route and (and so on) based on host name to any one of a set of backend servers, and have full flexibility in programmatically adding and removing backends at runtme?


An ongoing issue with containerisation is that so many applications are not written with ...

  By Vidar Hokstad 2016-04-13

E-mail forwarding w/Virtual hosts support in a compact Docker container

We've put together a simple container primarily for use to forward e-mail from secondary domains we manage to our main domain.

Here you'll find the Github repository.

To make use of it, you might e.g use a Systemd service file ...