About Us

Small, flexible, focused

We offer a highly personal service, either remotely or at your premises in South-East England (limited time engagements on-premises in other locations may be possible; please contact us to discuss.

We're not a web design agency, and explicily do not carry out any part of graphical/webpage design, but will assist you with your backend needs. (If you need design/frontend work, we can however help with referrals)

Services are carried out by Vidar Hokstad assisted by a small network of consultants and freelancers based in Croydon, United Kingdom.

Vidar Hokstad

Director / Principal Consultant

In brief: I'm a Norwegian living in London. A "graduate" of a number of startups, as well as larger companies like Yahoo! Europe, and with extensive consulting experience.

A developer and devops expert with extensive, 20 year long, experience of building and managing teams from scratch.

I started providing consulting services again after years of startups because I love the varied challenges.

My story in brief

Programming was part of my life from I was a kid. In 1995 I left university to co-found my first company - an ISP. I got my first experience dealing with networks, from configuring routers and setting up servers, as well as dealing with customers and consulting services.

As profits in the dial-up market declined, we focused more and more on business services and consulting, and this is when I got my first consulting experience in '96. Eventually we were "picked up" by TelePost Inc., a Santa Cruz, California based company that was an early pioneer in the unified messaging space.

In '99 I did consulting on a web based CMS, an embedded Linux-based network managed box, before working on one of the earliest tablets.

Then I went on to co-found Nameplanet, a vanity webmail provider offering personalized domain names. I scaled the platform to handle a couple of million users before we sold the webmail system and moved on to set up the .name top level domain.

In 2003, I left Nameplanet/GNR to become the European Billing Engineering Manager for Yahoo! Europe, responsible for handling the technology platform used to charge for all Yahoo's premium services in Europe.

I left Yahoo in 2006 to develop and scale the VC funded classifieds aggregation engine Edgeio, where I built the first prototype, and then built out a team first as Director of Engineering and then as Director of Operations and Architect.

Edgeio's assets were acquired by LookSmart at the end of 2007, and after some consulting for Looksmart I joined Aardvark London as Technology Director.

I manage a private cloud infrastructure for NudgeCRM, and I am on the board of SpatialQ, a GIS company.

From 2014 I picked up my consulting again, with a focus on cloud and container technology, Linux and related backend development and devops, and have put together a small network of experts with similar skills to meet your needs on a flexible and personalized basis.